Welcome to html email gallery. The following is a brief review of the site’s history, how it came to be and where we are now. Thanks for visiting.

Wow! It’s amazing to see how popular email’s use as a marketing and customer engagement tool has increased so much since the first site was born nearly 10 years ago. I used to receive maybe one or two enticing emails that made me want to click-through 10 years ago compared to now being almost overstuffed with offers, announcements, sales, receipts, signups and the millions more of email types out there. A good email marketing strategy has now become a necessity and a powerful tool to market, interact and engage your customers and visitors.

This site was originally created back in 2007. I was designing emails as well as many other things for various companies but there wasn’t one site that specifically showcased email design. Email design wasn’t the marketing monster it is today so it was used less frequently by companies as a tool to engage in with their customers. Some companies were using email effectively but many were not. I was freelancing at the time for many companies and found myself designing and developing emails from scratch for them. There were plenty of gallery sites for nice looking websites themselves but nothing specifically for html email design.

It became a habit for me to save any well-designed emails that I had received over the years in a folder for my own use. I then decided to create the first email gallery site so other designers, developers and marketing professionals could also benefit and find inspiration to suit their needs.

The first version of the site was created quickly. The design and coding I was able to complete by hand in two to three days. It was pretty basic but there would now be a small collection of emails for other people to peruse and find inspiration. I added emails manually as new ones came in and even added a few that I had designed and created.

About a year later a developer friend of mine helped me transform the site to use Drupal as a CMS which enabled me to more easily add new content. I was able to not only add emails more easily but I also created a resource area where I could link to some of the best tips, tricks and email news that I ran across on the web. This Drupal version lasted nearly six years before I turned to WordPress. Which leads us to where we’re at right now.

This latest version of the site is more user friendly and will allow for more customizations and additions to help locate the emails and resources that suit your needs. For example, you can now search for almost anything including company names, categories, colors, tags and more. Emails are better tagged and categorized and can be filtered by specific categories using the dropdown in the right sidebar. You can continually browse through emails using the left and right side pagination arrow. These are just a few of the new improvements and I’ll always be thinking of ways to make the site better with hopes that users will enjoy the new experience.